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RDC-ON (Remote Desktop Connector) Free to remplace RDCMAN

I m very happy to present you the new alternative to RDC-MAN, (RDC-ON) that i developed, it is a free tool.

RDC-ON : is very easy to use, can help you to manage multiple RDP connection sessions in a single Console, create tree-like structures with the remote Windows hosts (you are constantly using or managing), use different RDP connection settings for separate servers or groups and save administrator (or user) credentials to automatically authenticate on RDP/RDS servers.

#RDC-ON (security) : is very secure, use all last patch and security methods from microsoft, and dont use any credentiel, hi is use the tokens, then every credentiel is save in the session with computer SID, then no one can use it or steal them.

RDC-ON (more) : is the best tool to manage your remote server that exist in market, and use a hight compress to allow you to manage until 4 server in same times, with a very low resource consumption (CPU) and (RAM), of corse with hight quality.

RDC-ON use the refresh and automaticly resize display.

Requirement :

Windows 10, and server 2012 r2 or 2016 and more.


pls chose domain mode if your computer is in the domain ( to resolve the nla probleme, at this moment you can enter the password of computer, remember that the password is saved in the Windows library also)

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