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is a simple and easy-to-use tool, which requires neither installation nor admin rights,

Browse your local folder or network directory to Finding excel files contains macros (VBA)

You can also choose to filter from the last access date to optimize the search

This tool use the SAFEMODE memory, your files excel is ..


Easy SCCM is a tool that can help you to create a device or user collection, from AD OU with Gui tree and more ....



Sharepoint migration report tool is a free tool developped by Dakhama, that help you during your migration to Sharepoint,

it gives you real-time monitoring as well as a very precise summary of ......


Remote Desktop Connector : is an easy to use, fast and secure program, allowing connection to several remote servers at the same time.

Main features: -Connection: RDC-ON Connection allows access to any computer as long as the network is established. All the user has to do is select the machine he wants to connect to and enter the identification data......

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